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Epox-It 80

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$15.99 - $99.99

Epox-It 80 is a multi-purpose high gloss epoxy resin used for coating bar tops, tabletops, coating countertops, and so much more!

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Clear Bar & Table Top Epoxy Resin For Coating Wood Tabletops

Epox-It 80 is a multi-purpose high gloss clear epoxy resin. Epox-It 80 is used for coating bar tops, tabletops, coating countertops, encapsulation, resin art, resin painting, fiberglass laminating, casting clear models, prototypes, jewelry, figurines, etc.. This is a two part professional grade clear epoxy resin that will produce a super gloss finish on a variety of surfaces. Instructions Included with every order.

Note: UV inhibitors have been added to the Epox-It 80 to resist yellowing better than most other epoxies. The fact is that all epoxy resins will yellow over time in direct sunlight some are better than others. Direct sunlight should be avoided to prolong the clarity of the resin.

Why Buy Old Out Of Date Resin When You Can Purchase Directly From The Manufacturer And Receive Fresh Material Every-Time


► Crystal Clear Finish
► Direct From The Manufacturer (Always Fresh!)
► Made In The USA
► UV Resistant Formula
► Blush Resistant
► Water Resistant
► Impact Resistant
► Self Leveling
► Excellent Air Release
► High Gloss
► Easy To Use
► Money Back Guarantee
► Full Technical Support

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Mix Ratio 1:1 by volume
Working Time 45 minutes
Demold Time 24 hours
Shrinkage .001
Color Clear
Hardness 80-D
Viscosity 2600 cps
  • 5 Philllip Freeman on Dec 5th 2023
    Great product

    Exactly what I needed for a great price

  • 4 David Shepard on Sep 26th 2023
    Epoxy 80

    Prompt delivery was great. Product performed as expected. Will be a return customer. Like dealing with a Michigan company.

  • 5 Shelly gorham on Jun 2nd 2023
    epoxy-it 80

    Great product I redo furniture and have used this many times it does not yellow when exposed to sunlight so its perfect for furniture!!! Great product and customer service I was having trouble ordering the first time and I called the company a nd a women (I wish i had her name) immediately answered the phone she provided me with old wchool customer service which is a lost art that she has mastered I was a cust service specialist and I would have used her in a demo on how customers should be treated!! There were other products I had looked into that Im sure would have been fine but when I used the product and had great result I liked the company what made me a diehard SRC fan was the women I spoke with and her genuine customer service skill Thank you women on the other line ur product is great u made it superb!!!!

  • 5 Brad Hatfield on Sep 19th 2022
    Epoxied 80

    Great product, have had good luck using this on my live edge tables and mantels

  • 5 Marcy Songer on Aug 17th 2022
    Epoxy resin

    Since I found this product, I won't use any other resin for my resin art projects!!

  • 5 John n casey on Jun 29th 2022
    Epox-IT 80

    Great product , easy to work with , low Oder, I use this product for water proofing my r c boats.Thanks specialty resin . JNC

  • 3 Michael Jandreau on Mar 4th 2022
    Fast setting

    Like the thickness of the product but sets up to fast for large projects.

  • 4 Darlene Wood on Oct 15th 2021
    Epoxy it 80

    Very thin, but gives a good solid coat once cured. Good adhesion. I wish it were a bit thicker. Is there any way to thicken it a bit?

  • 5 David Holmes on Oct 13th 2021
    Clear Epoxy Resin slow cure

    This is a good product just make sure your in a clean area dust will get in it when drying 24 hours!