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Tough-Cast 65D

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Tough-Cast 65D is a two part semi-rigid casting resin that is virtually indestructible. It's designed to make durable prototypes, and reproductions.

Maximum Purchase: 10 units

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Tough-Cast Polyurethane Casting Resin 

Tough-Cast 65D is an incredibly strong and durable 1:1 ratio two-component semi-rigid polyurethane casting resin. It features excellent impact resistance, abrasion resistance, strength, and high heat deflection.

Tough-Cast 65D is virtually indestructable and is the best casting resin for semi-rigid durable plastic prototyping. It has has the look and feel of thermoplastics such as abs while maintaining a high heat deflection. 

With a 2-minute work and 30-minute cure time, Tough-Cast 65D contains zero solvents and can be hand-mixed or used with automated dispensing equipment. Tough-Cast 65D works well with resin casting molds created with RTV silicone.

 Tough-Cast 65D Common Uses: 

  • Prototype Parts 
  • Reproductions 
  • End-Use Production Parts
  • Industrial Parts 
  • Rollers

Tough-Cast 75D vs Tough-Cast 65D : 

Both Tough-Cast 75D and Tough-Cast 65D have excellent strength, durability, and impact resistance. Choosing the right one for the job depends on the application and properties you are looking for in your finished part.  

Tough-Cast 75D is ideal for applications where you need both toughness and stiffness. It has a lower viscosity than 65D, making it the ideal choice for finer more detailed molds. 75D has a longer working time than 65D and is also virtually odorless. For example, Tough-Cast 75D is a smart choice for a highly detailed, impact resistant prototype. Tough-Cast 75D is comparable to Smooth-on TASK™ 9 high performance casting resin. 

Tough-Cast 65D is ideal for applications where you need a small amount of flexibility as well as more abrasion resistance. It also has a higher heat deflection than 75D. For example, Tough-Cast 65D is a smart choice for knuckle guards on a dirt bike. Tough-Cast 65D is comparable to Smooth-on Smooth-Cast™ 65D semi-rigid urethane casting resin 

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Mix Ratio 1:1 by weight / volume
Working Time 2.0 minutes
Demold Time 30 minutes
Heat Deflection 200°F
Shrinkage .001
Color Amber
Hardness 65-D
Viscosity 800 cps
  • 5 Gary Thill on Dec 22nd 2023
    1st time user

    Very impressed with how easy it was to use this product. Simply mixed it 1:1 and then poured it in my mold. Doesn't get easier than that.

  • 5 Rodrigo Montoya on Feb 8th 2022
    The best.

    Tough-Cast 65D is my go-to for action figure parts that need to be stiff but still have a LITTLE flex to them. It pretty closely mimics the injection molded plastic used in action figure arms and legs. It's great for anything that needs to be tough, strong and have some impact resistance. Love it!

  • 3 MATTHEW R KAPCIA on Feb 4th 2022
    Tough Cast 65D

    This resin is not as rigid as I thought it would be. It flexes more than i need it to. I'm looking for a resin that duplicates PVC strength and hardness.

  • 1 Terry Ferguson on Jan 19th 2022
    Not acceptable for my projects

    I don't think product is accurately represented in your description material. It might be great for someone wanting a less rigid casting material. Would have never purchased if it had not been listed in the rigid section.

  • 5 THOMAS BARNARD on Jul 6th 2021
    TOUGH_CAST 65D Polyurethane Casting Resin

    My lawn mower deck corroded between the 2 blade leaving a big hole. Grass would come up through this hole in the deck and plug the belts making my riding mower worhless. So I bolted sheet metal to the top side of the deck to plug the hole, turned the deck upside down, and then cast a large plug of this urethane about 3/4 inch thick to protect the sheet metal and absorb energy when the blades pick up small gravel. It was so easy to cast because one just uses equal volumes for the 2 parts to form the urethane. Once formed and set, the urethane has no problem with oil. grease, or gasoline. It also protects the sheet metal from corrosion as I later also painted a thin coat on the top side. Problem solved! I ordered online and they shipped the same day. I got it 2 days later which was outstanding. I expect that my riding mower will now last for many more years thanks to Specialty Resin and Chemical!!! A+ to you people!!