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Tough-Cast 75D

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$22.99 - $509.92

Tough-Cast 75D polyurethane casting resin features high impact resistance, abrasion resistance, strength, and chemical resistance. Perfect for prototyping and precision casting.

Maximum Purchase: 10 units

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Tough-Cast 75D is an incredibly strong and durable 1:1 ratio two-component polyurethane casting resin. It features high impact resistance, strength, and chemical resistance.

Tough-Cast 75D is the best casting resin for durable prototyping and precision casting. It contains zero solvents, and the clear amber color makes for easy coloring.  

With a 6 to 7-minute work and 60-minute cure time, Tough-Cast 75D can be hand-mixed or used with automated dispensing equipment and works with resin casting molds created with RTV silicone.

Tough-Cast 75D has a low, easy-to-mix viscocity, which ensures minimal bubble entrapment when casting. Cast with confidence with this high-performance urethane casting resin. 

The Toughest Resin for the Job: 

  • Virtually Indestructible (Will NOT Shatter or Deform) 
  • High Impact Resistance & Strength 
  • Low Viscosity for Easy Pouring and Mixing 
  • Low Odor & Great Chemical Resistance 
  • High Detail for Fine & Complex Molds 
  • Easy to Color, Easily Pigmented 
  • Cost Effective 
  • Long Work Time (6-7 minutes) 

 Tough-Cast 75D Common Uses: 

  • Prototype Parts 
  • Taxidermy Replicas 
  • Models & Figurines 
  • Sculptures 
  • Reproductions 
  • Industrial Parts 
  • Automotive Parts 

Tough-Cast 75D vs Tough-Cast 65D : 

Both Tough-Cast 75D and Tough-Cast 65D have excellent strength, durability, and impact resistance. Choosing the right one for the job depends on the application and properties you are looking for in your finished part.  

Tough-Cast 75D is ideal for applications where you need both toughness and stiffness. It has a lower viscosity than 65D, making it the ideal choice for finer more detailed molds. 75D has a longer working time than 65D and is also virtually odorless. For example, Tough-Cast 75D is a smart choice for a highly detailed, impact resistant prototype. Tough-Cast 75D is comparable to Smooth-on TASK™ 9 high performance casting resin. 

Tough-Cast 65D is ideal for applications where you need a small amount of flexibility as well as more abrasion resistance. It also has a higher heat deflection than 75D. For example, Tough-Cast 65D is a smart choice for knuckle guards on a dirt bike. Tough-Cast 65D is comparable to Smooth-on Smooth-Cast™ 65D semi-rigid urethane casting resin 

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Mix Ratio 1:1 by weight / volume
Working Time 6.0 minutes
Demold Time 60 minutes
Heat Deflection °F
Shrinkage Low
Color Clear Amber
Hardness 75-D
Viscosity Low