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Premier Gift Pack (20 pack)

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Infuse your resin projects, DIYs, crafts, and artwork with vibrant color using the Color Creator Premier Colorant Kit! This gift pack gives you access to 20 transformative additives—alcohol inks, mica powders, and fine glitters.

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Color Creator Premier Colorant Kit

Infuse your DIYs, craft projects, and artwork with vibrant, captivating color with the Color Creator Premier Colorant Kit! This incredible gift pack gives DIYers and crafters access to 20 transformative additives: translucent dyes, mica powders, and fine glitter. Now with one convenient set, produce stunning results every time for an endless variety of applications (not just resin crafting!)

You’ll be amazed at the array of creative possibilities these colorants can offer up - be prepared to take your projects to the next level with Color Creator Premier Colorant Kit!

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