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Alumilite Dye

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Get creative with coloring your resin projects! Alumilite dye adds brilliant colors to clear and opaque and epoxy and casting resins.

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Alumilite Resin Dyes

Use Alumilite dyes to add color to your casting resins! This concentrated dye can be added to clear resins to give your project a unique translucent look, used in epoxy for dynamic coatings, or used in opaque resin for solid bold colors.

Tips for Adding Alumilite Dye to Resin

  • Use the smallest amount possible to achieve desired color (up to 5%)
  • Alumilite Dye is very concentrated. In some instances it's necessary to use less than 1 drop to achieve color in small resin batch. This can be achieved by adding a spec of dye to the tip of a stir stick rather than dispensing into the resin.
  • Opaque dyes contain fillers that may settle in the bottle. To maintain consistent color, agitate/stir prior to use.

Alumilite Translucent Dye Colors

Translucent dyes come in green*, yellow, red, blue, brown, orange, violet, and ocean blue.

*Note that Green translucent dye is not compatible with epoxy chemistry and will shift to a blue hue. This is due in part to chemistry, but also shift in hues (yellowing) over time of epoxy, causing changes in color. 

Alumilite Opaque Dye Colors

Opaque colors include white, black, flo red, flo orange, flo yellow, flo green, flo pink, tan, beige, and dark brown. Some translucency can be achieved by adding an incredibly small amount of these dyes to clear resin.

1 oz. Complete Set (all colors, except does not include Tan, Beige, or Dark Brown dyes).


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  • 5 tim on Apr 3rd 2024
    Alumilite dye

    a quality product that mixes well and seems to have consistent results with every mix