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PolyColor Resin Powder Primary 6pk - 15g

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Create unique projects with PolyColor Metallic Resin Powders from Specialty Resin & Chemical. This set of 6 colors are ideal for bar tops, countertops, wood inlays and more! Mix them together or use alongside dyes and pigments to get the perfect look for your projectS.

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Create Vibrant, Metallic Effects with PolyColor Metallic Resin Powder

PolyColor Metallic Resin Powders offer lively pearlescent hues when mixed into clear epoxy resins such as Specialty Resin Epox-It 80 and Deep Pour Epoxy Resin. These powders have an ultra-fine consistency, giving a remarkable effect even in small quantities.

Start with minimal amounts and incrementally to add more to intensify until you reach your desired aesthetic and color opacity. To retain a semi-transparent look, only use small quantities. For custom color combinations, these powders can be mixed together. Additionally, PolyColor Resin Powders can be used alongside resin dyes and pigments.

Ideal for a variety of applications including bar and countertops, surface coatings, wood turning blanks, serving trays, resin art, picture frames, and wooden inlays, our premium Metallic Resin Powders offer exceptional color and clarity and an ultra-fine consistency.

Packaged in 15g resealable bags. The Primary pack inlcudes:

  • 1 - White Metallic
  • 1 - Dark Red Metallic
  • 1 - Yellow Gold Metallic
  • 1- Forest Green Metallic
  • 1 - Blue Earth Metallic
  • 1 - Purple Metallic

Get all SIX 15g colors for only $25.99 (35.94 if purchased separately)

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