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Cast-a-Mold 30TF

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$24.99 - $531.21

Cast-a-Mold 30TF, faster and slightly harder than Cast-a-Mold 25T, with excellent tear strength and gives accurate detail reproduction.

Maximum Purchase: 5 units

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Cast-A-Mold 30TF is faster and slightly harder than the Cast-A-Mold 25T. It is a general purpose rtv silicone elastomer which exhibits excellent tear strength, long library life, and accurate detail reproduction. Cast-A-Mold 30TF is a condensation cured silicone (tin catalyzed ) It is used to make rubber molds that can be used to cast polyurethanes, epoxy's, polyester's, cement, concrete, soap, wax, plaster, etc.. It is easy to mix and de-air, and will cure at room temperature over virtually any surface. Cast-A-Mold 30TF is extremely useful for applications where superior physical properties are required.

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Mix Ratio 10:1 by weight
Working Time 15.0 minutes
Demold Time 8 hours
Heat Tolerance 300°F +
Tensile Strength 600 psi
Elongation 500%
Tear Resistance 150 ppi
Color Blue
Hardness 30-A
Viscosity 30,000 cps
  • 5 Jim Hoffman on May 3rd 2024
    Cast-a-mold 30TF

    Excellent molding compound. Takes fine detail very well. Very happy with how even with slight under cuts I can still extract nice castings without mold tear out. Easy to use and it has adequate work time. Very fine product.

  • 4 Rob Krueger on Aug 28th 2023
    Cast a mold 30tf

    Thick but does a good job. Seems like the molds themselves are very heavy duty.

  • 5 Jimmie L Gibson Jr on Jun 12th 2023
    The Cast-a-Mold 30TF Silicone Rubber

    The Cast-a-Mold 30TF is my best choice item to use.

  • 5 Jimmie Gibson Jr on May 15th 2023
    Cast a Mold 30TF

    Great Product. As Said.

  • 5 Jens Schnabel on Apr 9th 2023
    Cast A Mold 30TF

    Great Mold material for smaller molds as it has a short working time (15 minutes). For big molds this will have to be poured in multiple batches because of the short work time. It's quite thick and might cause some problems with narrow undercuts if poured to quickly. It is virtually bubble free once cured no degassing necessary.

  • 4 John Sweeney on Feb 13th 2023
    Cast-a-mold 30TF

    My first venture into molding. I'm replicating small nylon gears for an obsolete RC servo. So far I'm very pleased with this product.

  • 5 Brian Czeiner on Dec 7th 2022
    Cast-a-mold 30TF

    The 30TF Cast-a-mold works perfect for me. I have been using it for several years now. It is the most cost effective silicone I have found with the best blend of the overall characteristics I need.

  • 4 Steve on Aug 20th 2022
    Cast-a-Mold 30TF

    Love the product, but I just received another shipment (2-1 gallon containers) with the contents of the 1 gallon silicone rubber that had leaked all over the inside of the box again. Also, the cap on one of the blue curing agent was off on 1 bottle, but thank goodness didn't leak.

  • 5 Thomas Piotrowski on Mar 2nd 2022

    Great item!!!