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Model Pro Black

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$28.99 - $509.99

Model-Pro Black is a low viscosity, two part polyurethane casting resin that contains zero solvents, making it virtually odorless and user friendly. Cures to a matte black finish.

Maximum Purchase: 10 units

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Model-Pro is a two component polyurethane casting resin which exhibits good impact resistance and strength. It has a low viscosity making it extremely easy to mix. Model-Pro contains zero solvents making it virtually odorless and user friendly. It also contains no fillers and can be hand mixed or used with automated dispensing equipment. Product uses include: Casting models, prototypes, figurines, proofing molds, making reproductions, etc.. This is ideal resin for professional model makers, hobbyists, crafters, and taxidermists. Model-Pro turns from liquid to solid in 15 minutes and works excellent in rtv silicone molds.

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Mix Ratio 1:1 by weight / volume
Working Time 2.0 minutes
Demold Time 15 minutes
Heat Deflection 300°F
Shrinkage 0.001
Color Black
Hardness 75-D
Viscocity 80 cps
  • 5 Mike Dawson, trex natural history company on Apr 3rd 2024
    Dinosaur claws and teeth

    Does a great job

  • 5 Mike Dawson, trex natural history company on Feb 24th 2024
    Dinosaur claws and teeth

    Great product

  • 5 Jerry Perdue on Feb 16th 2024
    Model Pro Black

    Have used Pro Black for years now. Always works and dries perfectly. Always ships fast too. Highly recommend.

  • 3 Sean on Feb 13th 2024
    Great product but arrived damaged

    Great product but arrived damaged. One bottle had a broken cap and was leaking out into the packaging.

  • 4 daniel on Nov 13th 2023
    Model Pro Black

    Great shade of black, glossy but not shiny. Fairly easy to use but seems like it will trap bubbles if you are too aggressive when mixing. Also seems like curing times vary a little from batch to batch. I'm measuring carefully and my room temp is very consistent so I'm not sure why it seems to vary. Otherwise it works well and it's just right for what I'm molding with it.

  • 5 Terence Cooper on Oct 17th 2023

    I’m puzzled, trying to figure out which is better the product or the service. Thanks you!

  • 5 Brett on Aug 10th 2023
    Model Pro Black

    Used this product to start casting my 3D printed products to expedite manufacturing but not go full scale injection molding. Have had perfect results with no issues at all. Since starting with the black I have also ordered the white and multiple other resins from SRC and the customer service and quick feedback to any questions is well beyond any I have had with any other company.

  • 5 Jose on Jun 28th 2023
    Low Viscocity, Fast Cure time!

    This resin is great for quick prototypes. You gotta work very fast since it's curing time is quick! but the low viscosity allows to fill up every corner of the mold really fast. I've had some good luck using it without a pressure pot with minimum bubbles but I highly recommend you cure it inside a pressure pot! 30psi worked great for me.

  • 4 Julie Terry on Mar 11th 2023
    Product Review

    We own a small business and love the Model Pro Black product. Great product!! Our only suggestion involves the shipping. Compared to other companies we use, the shipping service is very slow.