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Model Pro Off White

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Model-Pro Off White is a low viscosity, two part polyurethane casting resin that contains zero solvents, making it virtually odorless and user friendly. Cures to an off-white finish.

Maximum Purchase: 5 units

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Model-Pro is a two component polyurethane casting resin which exhibits good impact resistance and strength. It has a  low viscosity making it extremely easy to mix.  Model-Pro contains zero solvents making it virtually odorless and user friendly. It also contains no fillers and can be hand mixed or used with automated dispensing equipment. Product uses include: Casting models, protoypes, figurines, proofing molds, making reproductions, etc.. This is ideal resin for professional model makers, hobbists, crafters, and taxidermists.  Model-Pro turns from liquid to solid in 15 minutes and works excellent in rtv silicone molds.


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Mix Ratio 1:1 by weight / volume
Working Time 2.0 minutes
Demold Time 15 minutes
Heat Deflection 300°F
Shrinkage .001
Color Off-white
Hardness 75-D
Viscosity 80 cps
  • 4 Mark Chamness on Nov 18th 2023
    Not equal amounts

    I really like this product but when I ordered the gallon amount there is more in the Part A than Part B. Since this is a 1 to 1 ratio I would have liked to see liquid levels equal.

  • 5 William Colford on Sep 25th 2023
    Model Pro off white fast

    It works very well. The 2.5 minute pot life is plenty of time for smaller castings to be placed under compression to achieve bubble free castings.

  • 5 Jose on Jun 28th 2023
    Perfect for quick porotypes

    I can't complain about this resin. Like model-pro black it's viscosity is low. Cures very fast! In some models you can get away without using a pressure pot, but i recommend you use one. If you have a vibrating table it will help a lot too

  • 5 Christopher Dunsmore on Jun 16th 2023
    I love this product!

    Lasts longer on the shelf after opening, great cure time & awesome neutral color. Great price & arrived the next day! WOWEE!!! I’ve found my new source for resin! Thank you!

  • 5 Mariam S on Jun 12th 2023
    Fantastic!! Six stars if I could

    This is easily one of my top purchases of the last few months! I use it to make castings of bones and it is perfect for that, it hardens almost immediately and is a very good off white color. Low viscosity compared to other resin types is great for pouring. I cannot recommend this enough, if the rapid hardening time is difficult switch to the slow-set.

  • 5 William Colford on Jun 6th 2023
    Model Pro off white fast

    Works well, could be more UV resistant. 2 minute pot life is enough time to make medium size castings. I have added a UV resistant additive to challenge the effects of the sun, initial testing show good results.

  • 5 Peter Triestman on Mar 23rd 2023
    Model Pro Polyurethane 2 part casting resin

    We made hundreds of ornaments and about 500' of moldings with 6 gallons of materials. It was a pleasure to work with, casting in silicone rubber molds. No odor, the material is tough and easy to work with, sets quickly. A big improvement over epoxy, or linseed oil composition. SRC delivered each of three batches ordered promptly.

  • 4 Dave Rouse on Mar 10th 2023
    Model Pro Resin

    First time using your product. Setting time is faster than the other resin I had been using. Keeps you moving right along. Like it better than the other resin I had been using. Thanks for the great product.

  • 5 Thomas Piotrowski on Oct 17th 2022

    Great product! Fast cure time...