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Cast-a-Mold Platinum Food Grade Silicone Rubber

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Create the the perfect silicone mold with Cast-a-Mold Platinum food grade silicone rubber from Specialty Resin & Chemical. This 1:1 mix ratio silicone rubber has a low viscosity and excellent tear strength, making it ideal for creating durable molds of any shape or size. Shop now!

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Food Grade Silicone Rubber for Mold Making

Cast-A-Mold Platinum is a versatile food grade platinum (addition) cured silicone rubber designed for a wide variety of mold making applications. It offers exceptional performance with its 1:1 mix ratio (by weight), low viscosity, excellent tear strength, tensile strength, elongation, heat deflection, and long silicone mold library life.

Custom Mold Applications:

The project possibilities for Cast-a-Mold Platinum go far beyond crafting custom resin molds. It can be used to make translucent silicone molds for variety of projects, such as:

  • Casting candies and chocolates
  • Cake decorating
  • Casting polyurethanes
  • Epoxy resin casting
  • Polyester resin casting
  • Cement
  • Concrete
  • Soap making
  • Candle making (and other wax applications)
  • Plaster

and many more!

Cast-A-Mold Platinum molding silicone is user friendly and FDA compliant, ensuring safe use in food-related applications. Another advantage is its ability to cure at room temperature, eliminating the need for specialized equipment or vacuum chambers.

Cast-A-Mold Platinum Notes and Tips:

Platinum cured silicone rubber can be heat accelerated. For instance, if you expose the mold to a temperature of 150°F (65°C), the curing time will be significantly reduced from 8 hours to just 30 minutes.

It's important to note that for food applications, it is recommended to wash the cured mold with warm water and soap before using it to ensure cleanliness and hygienic standards.

Addition-cure silicone rubber may be affected by certain contaminants, which can lead to tackiness on the surface of the mold. To avoid this, it's best to steer clear of materials like latex, sulfur-based clays, tin cured silicone rubber, amines, nitriles, and organo-metallic salt-containing compounds. If you're uncertain about the compatibility of the substrate being molded, it's always a good practice to conduct a small compatibility test beforehand. Additionally, applying a clear acrylic lacquer or paint on the pattern can help prevent inhibition. However, polyurethane and latex should not be used in this context.

Cast-A-Mold Platinum is comparable to Smooth-on Mold Star™, Smooth-Sil™, SORTA-Clear™, Ecoflex™ and Dragon Skin™ silicones.

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Mix Ratio 1:1 by weight
Working Time 40.0 minutes
Demold Time 8.0 hours
Heat Tolerance 400°F +
Tensile Strength 580 psi
Elongation 500%
Tear Resistance 160ppi
Color Semi-clear
Hardness 20-A
Viscosity 10,000 - 12,000 cps
  • 5 Tracey Mascaro on Mar 16th 2022
    Food grade silicone mold making

    I love this silicone, I also buy the silicone thinning agent, and I can make soft flexible molds, love it!

  • 5 Rodrigo Montoya on Feb 8th 2022
    Useful for so many things.

    I've made molds of so many different things with this stuff. It's good for everything from toys to chocolate. The fact that it's translucent is great for making cut molds, since you can see where to make your lines.

  • 5 moss studios on Jan 13th 2022
    cast-a-mold platinum

    yes all worked fine for my purpose, love buying products from Specialty Resin!

  • 5 Angela Yates on Oct 20th 2021
    Palt 25 Silicone

    This silicone is so easy to work with and it picks up the smallest most intricate details. It works great with UV resin and has enough flexibility to be used with chocolate.

  • 4 James LaPointe on Oct 19th 2021
    cast a mold

    very good. long work time and holds up well for repeated casts.

  • 4 Charles DeFate on Sep 20th 2021
    Love it

    Every time I buy this I'm super satisfied.

  • 5 Kia Solorzano on Sep 1st 2021
    Cast a mm old

    This is by far the easiest silicone to use. I tried another kind of silicone recently and was not impressed

  • 5 Tyler on Jul 26th 2021
    Lure Molds

    After a little bit of a learning curve with making a mold box for this product and a couple hundred dollars spent on this product, I'm very satisfied with results. After pouring a thin coat on my master and letting the air bubbles come to the surface, pouring the remaining material is a breeze and the final product is nice and smooth with very minimal blemishes.

  • 5 Angela on Jul 17th 2021
    Palt 25 Silicone

    This silicone is fantastic. It's easy to work with and created beautiful molds every single time. I love the details is picks up. It's my absolute most favorite silicone to use.