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Model Pro Off White

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Model-Pro Off White is a low viscosity, two part polyurethane casting resin that contains zero solvents, making it virtually odorless and user friendly. Cures to an off-white finish.

Maximum Purchase: 5 units

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Model-Pro is a two component polyurethane casting resin which exhibits good impact resistance and strength. It has a  low viscosity making it extremely easy to mix.  Model-Pro contains zero solvents making it virtually odorless and user friendly. It also contains no fillers and can be hand mixed or used with automated dispensing equipment. Product uses include: Casting models, protoypes, figurines, proofing molds, making reproductions, etc.. This is ideal resin for professional model makers, hobbists, crafters, and taxidermists.  Model-Pro turns from liquid to solid in 15 minutes and works excellent in rtv silicone molds.


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Mix Ratio 1:1 by weight / volume
Working Time 2.0 minutes
Demold Time 15 minutes
Heat Deflection 300°F
Shrinkage .001
Color Off-white
Hardness 75-D
Viscosity 80 cps
  • 5 michael click on Aug 3rd 2022
    slower set up time

    for some of my production needs the slower set time works great. I first make the basic outline of my product in a mold using the fast set. some time later I insert my product and then use the slow to incapsulate it all the slow cure allows any trapped air to escape and not show up as blemishes on the finished surfaces......

  • 5 Joseph P. on Jun 28th 2022
    Model Pro

    I have been ordering this product for many years from SRC, and have always been MORE than happy with both the product and customer service!

  • 5 Dean Millermon on Jun 1st 2022
    For making collectibles and statuary, this is the perfect resin.

    A great resin at a reasonable price.

  • 3 Dave Dodge on Mar 31st 2022
    Model Pro offwhite

    I found it to be too brittle for model car bodies. I broke the first body I cast removing it from the mold.

  • 5 Joe Douds on Mar 29th 2022
    Model-Pro off-white (fast)

    I have used this for several years, in small batches of 30 mL of each A & B. Pours easily and gives just enough time to mix and mold. Part A will start to form little chunks if it gets old- maybe over 16 months. Starts to cure faster in hot and humid weather. End product is nice. I don't use a vacuum- just flex the mold a little bit. Any small bubbles are easily addressed with superglue and baking soda. Tech support and sales support are fast and helpful. I'm a satisfied customer for several years now.

  • 5 James LaPointe on Mar 21st 2022
    pro off whit resin

    Excellent product for casting very detailed chess sets.

  • 5 Eric on Dec 3rd 2021
    Off White Model Pro

    I have used both the 12 minute and 6 minute pot life versions and they both give good results. I prefer the 12 minute Slow version because I tend to pour lots of small castings. If you are in a hurry and are only casting one or two pieces at a time, the 6 min Fast version might be your preference. They both mix easily and don't tend to create bubbles. Don't try to make quantities less than 10mL because it won't cure right - but that's a pretty small batch. Cuts/machines nicely after curing. I've made >1000 pieces with it and is my favorite product!

  • 4 Rick Shackley on Oct 1st 2021
    Model Pro Off White

    I love the product, been using it for many years and it does everything I need it to do. I only gave this product a 4 Star rating because the Fedex shipping is the worst. UPS was much more professional, faster, and more respectful.

  • 5 J and j resin on Sep 24th 2021
    Great products

    Always a pleasure to do business with Dan and his crew thanks as always