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Fabri-Cast 50 Bright White Casting Resin

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$27.99 - $492.92

Get the perfect vibrant white cast every time with Fabri-Cast 50 bright white casting resin from Specialty Resin & Chemical. With its low viscosity, this two part polyurethane resin is virtually bubble free for a flawless finish!

Maximum Purchase: 10 units

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Fabri-Cast 50 Bright White Casting Resin

Fabri-Cast 50 is a two-component polyurethane casting resin with exceptional impact resistance and strength. This versatile resin has an ultra-low viscosity (50 cps) making it extremely easy to mix with excellent air release properties. Fabri-Cast 50 polyurethane resin cures to a BRIGHT white finish. It is an extremely user-friendly rigid resin and contains zero solvents, making it virtually odorless. It also contains no fillers, and can be hand mixed or used with automated dispensing equipment. This is the ideal polyurethane resin for professional model makers, hobbyists, crafters, and taxidermists. 


  • Easy to measure and mix: 1 to 1 mix ratio by volume or weight
  • Bright casting: vibrant, opaque white finish
  • Ultra-low viscosity means easy mixing and virtually bubble-free bright cast results
  • Ultra-fast curing time. Turns from liquid to solid in just 15 minutes (depending on mold temperature)
  • Perfect for use in RTV silicone molds
  • Solvent-free and virtually odor-free, making it the perfect choice for sensitive users
  • Extremely durable with excellent impact resistance

Fabri-Cast 50 Applications:

  • Casting models
  • Creating prototypes, reproductions and figurines
  • Proofing molds
  • Taxidermy, etc.

Specialty Resin Fabric-Cast 50 is comparable to Smooth-on Smooth-Cast™ 300 liquid plastic.


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Mix Ratio 1:1 by weight / volume
Working Time 2.0 minutes
Demold Time 15 minutes
Heat Deflection 180°F
Shrinkage .001
Color Bright white
Hardness 75-D
Viscosity 50 cps
  • 5 Ronald ONeil on Sep 26th 2023
    Excellent results.

    mixed really well and came out of the mold in a nice smooth white finish.

  • 5 Mario Peter on Sep 19th 2023
    Customer Service and Timely Shipping

    Giving 5 Stars only because I'm overall really happy with the product and customer service but man is been hit or miss over the years. Often times I've called in an order, paid, then somewhere someone drops the ball and it sits for a week. being in always trying to have fresh resin, this timing can be ruined by a late delivery. Thankfully their customer service team has jumped through some hoops to get my orders to me quickly once complained. For those guys... They earned your 5 star rating. Ask For Cody if you need help and he deserves a bump for putting up with me. ?❤️‍??

  • 4 Fernando Cornejo on Aug 23rd 2023
    Fabri-Cast 50

    I'm using this type of resin for the first time. I have worked a lot with polyester resin in the past. I like the fact that polyurethane resin is almost odorless and it seems to be very resistant. For some of the figurines that I make, I have a problem with the weight; it is too light. I still have to try to use some calcium carbonate as a filler, as I did with polyester. I find this resin very "unforgiving". I think that I have mixed it very well every time. However, I went through several instances when it did not harden well. I definitely have to try the one that allows more working time. For some of my models, it will work really well. Same when I have to make several copies to make more molds; it is easy to do some retouching. It doesn't work well with latex molds, for some models I'll have to switch to RTV. Finally, I would like to try some good technical support. The time when I called, the person who took the call tried to be helpful but was not a specialist on this product, and I could not get what I needed. I have to keep doing some more testing and see if I can use it. It would require a huge change for me to go back to polyester, because of the odors. My shop and my location are not compatible with polyester. Whether I make it work with this resin, or else, I'll have to get a suitable shop where I would not have a problem with fumes and odors. I'll keep trying.

  • 5 Tom Hutchens on Jul 12th 2023
    Fabri-Cast 50

    I've been using this resin for prop-making for the past couple years and it's an outstanding product. I've not had any break during shipping, or reports of breaks/cracks from customers using my props. You can spend money on a name, or you can purchase an outstanding product like this and you'll be far happier.

  • 4 Joe Laudati on Jun 20th 2023
    Fabri-cast 50 Bright White

    A good and affordable resin that serves as a substitute for Smooth-On 300. It has a slightly shorter work time, and can be a little bit brittle for thin items, like fingers, but overall a decent product.

  • 5 Jimmie L Gibson Jr on Feb 28th 2023
    Fabri-Cast 50

    Fabrii-Cast 50, is a winner of the polyurethane casting resin for me. It works as expected by curing finishing as needed to expected results. Thank you for this excellent product.

  • 5 Randy LaPrairie on Feb 6th 2023
    It worked out great. I'm a taxidermist in south Louisiana and use this product to make artificial alligator tongues for a head mount.

    Worked our like I hoped it would.

  • 5 John McLellan on Jan 27th 2023
    Fabrication 50

    Great resin. Very smooth, durable castings.

  • 4 Kris Kaonis on Jan 16th 2023
    Like the resins very much

    Wish the slow and extra slow urethane resins were available in the same ultra low viscosity and possibly in bright white as well