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PolyColor Resin Powder 15g

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$5.99 - $119.99

Create vibrant, unique effects with PolyColor Pearlescent-Effect Resin Powders. Perfect for river tables, jewelry making, tumblers, game pieces and more. Easily blend together different powders to create custom colors! Compatible with Alumilite Dyes for even more visual possibilities.

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PolyColor Resin Powder Colorants

PolyColor pearlescent-effect Resin Powders bring a unique, vibrant look to any clear casting resin or epoxy project. From river tables and jewelry making to tumblers and game pieces, PolyColor Resin Powders can enhance the look of any DIY craft project.

These ultra-fine mica powders allow you to achieve big results with small amounts. Start by gradually adding the resin powder to your clear resin mix until you've achieved the desired effect. 

You can even blend different powders together to create custom colors for truly unique effects! And in addition to adding special colors to finished products, PolyColor Resin Powders are also great for filling cracks in wood or adding additional pops of color into inlays, wood turning projects, and more. Plus, they’re compatible with Alumilite Dyes for even more visual possibilities!

Packaged in 15g resealable bags.

Get all 29 Polycolor Resins in 15g size for $119.99 ($173.71 if sold individually!)

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