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Color Creator Metallic Mica Powder 4pk 10g

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Create mesmerizing special effects with Color Creator's professional-grade metallic mica powders. Perfect for resin, soaps, candles, and more, these powders will add a touch of lustrous pearl or shimmer to your creative works.

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Color Creator Metallic Mica Powder 4 pack

Color Creator's professional-grade mica powders offer lustrous pearl and metallic effects, enhancing a variety of arts and crafts projects. They are extremely versatile with the ability to enhance a wide variety of artistic applications such as resin, soaps, candles, wax, paint, wax, clay, and more. 

But what truly sets our mica powders apart is their unrivaled compatibility with resin. Specially designed with resin enthusiasts in mind, these powders effortlessly create mesmerizing special effects when mixed with various epoxy resin formulas, such as Epox-It 80, Deep Pour Epoxy Resin, and more. Watch in awe as your resin creations come to life with captivating swirls, iridescent shimmer, and a mesmerizing depth of color. For an extra dose of brilliance, blend different colors together and create your own unique color effects.

The package includes four 10-gram bags of vibrant colors:


  • Diamond Dust
  • Black Metallic
  • Bronze Metallic
  • Silver Metallic


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